Is Agave Nectar Healthy

Is Agave Nectar Healthy?

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Is Agave nectar healthy? This is a valid question and its answer that is like a two-edged sword. Agave is a natural sweetener. This means that it is plant extracted. It is also very high in carbohydrate but has a glycemic index of only 30. This is a good thing but the best part of it which does make the Agave sincerely good for you—it is a natural anti-fungal, anti-microbial and anti-bacterial. This makes it a very valuable benefit to overall health.


Is agave nectar healthy?| how to take it responsibly:

Agave does have some drawbacks but when taken responsibly, you could actually benefit from the healthy part of it and help to avoid the diseases that plague humankind by lowering your risk for some cancers and heart disease. It is a great natural anti-inflammatory.


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